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To become a world-class industry player by delivering high value to all stakeholders


Rezolut Weighmation is a provider of comprehensive weighing and measurement solutions and technologies under one roof. Whether it is an Automated Weighing & measurement solution like Batching, or a High-capacity Weighing & measurement solution like Electronic Truck Scale, or a Precision Weighing & measurement solution like Analytical Balance, our products pack high value for clients.

Credentials - the 4 Ps

Rezolut Weighmation rests its credentials case on the 4 Ps - Promoters, People, Processes and Partners. These allow us to deliver clients much more than weighing equipment - assurance of the highest order

Promoters of the company are successful and known industry professionals with average experience of 25 years each. At the helm of affairs, they have a clear sight of where their ‘ship,’ Rezolut Weighmation is headed. Just talk to them to know where it can take you. Reach us.

People of the company have been taken for the depth of their knowledge and experience. Our frontline, they are there to enhance your experience of the company and give you a feel of the quality and delivery systems at work. Do get back to us with your experience by using the Feedback form.

Processes of the company are geared to deliver high product assurance. Right from creating robust structural diagrams, to sourcing the finest components, engineering the finished product, making minute quality inspections and delivering it on schedule, we enforce our own steep quality standards at every stage.

Partners, associates and suppliers of the company constitute our value chain. And therefore, we seek and firm up associations that greatly add to our value and that of our clients. If you yourself value such an association (with us), do Reach us.